Dr. Eugenin’s laboratory has 3000 sq. ft of lab space available for molecular, immune, neuroscience, virological and imaging studies.

Our laboratory has a unique set up of equipment for the study of BSL1/2/3/4 pathogens. The main objective of these is imaging mass spectrometry equipment to examine proteins, peptides, lipids, small molecules and drugs distribution in tissues and cells. An HFX imaging mass spectrometer with a MALDI source and accessories (Thermofisher Sci). A Cippergent TOF/TOF system from Biorad for proteomic analysis. A high-resolution scanner (Zeiss, Germany) as well as all the equipment required for correlative mass spectrometry and microscopy. This set up is unique in the world for the study of pathogens.

For microscopy capabilities, the lab is equipped with 2 epifluorescent microscopes with cameras and computer as well as software for analysis (Nikon, Leica, Zeiss, and Olympus). One stereo microscope for large specimens (Olympus). An A1R Nikon confocal with spectral detection (Nikon, Japan), a Z1 Zeiss inverted microscope with incubator system (Zeiss, Germany), a broad confocal (Zeiss, Germany), a high-resolution laser capture (Leica, Germany). A full setup for electrophysiology, pullers, and controllers is available (Multiple brands). In addition, we have vibratomes, cryostats, microtomes (ultracut E, Reichert-Jung, Germany), microinjection systems, micromanipulators, single cell electroporator, and incubators. Furthermore, in the laboratory we had our own electron microscope, scanning, JEOL JSM-6510V and the accessories such as electro-puller, Peltier cooled, cryoEM microscope, critical point, and a Leica CM1900 cryostat.

Furthermore, a flow cytometer FACSCelesta (16 colors, C6 from BD), Seahorse from Bioscience, to evaluate mitochondrial respiration, ultraspect 500 and an Envision 2102 system for Biomarker discovery. Furthermore, Dr. Eugenin laboratory has all the equipment to develop immunofluorescence staining, immuno-precipitation, and western blotting.